Here at The Film Guys, we have a dedicated team of passionate critics that all bring their own set of sensibilities to their work. We value this diversity in our perspectives and we hope you do you. Here is an overview of all our lovely contributors as well as links to their work. Enjoy!

Andrew Baron-Vartian
Hey there everyone, I’ll be here to share my opinions on as many movies as I can possibly get myself to see! Just in case you were curious as to what type of movie reviews you might expect from me, I am a film lover of many genres. Whether it be Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Indie, Action, Western, Comic-Book, Animated or anything else that falls in-between I’ll be there to guide you along the way when you’re unsure of which movie to check out. I’ll also be your local Star Wars reviewer. I’m always open to criticism and just plain nerd-ing out on films so if you ever want to talk feel free to hit me up on our contact page!

Wade Deckard

Tyler Lopez
Alright so here’s the rub on me. I’m more of a fan of an experience than anything else. I think the reason you go to the movies isn’t always to experience enlightenment or gravity. Sometimes it’s to watch a fun movie and eat some candy and laugh at a bad joke (any of mine). If you’re looking for a film breakdown on technicality, I’m probably not your reviewer. But if you like reading a quick blurb and you like quirky writing and you like run on sentences that start with a conjunction then gimme a shot!… I just realized phrasing on that first sentence isn’t great… hm.

August Keller
Twitter: @WritesAugust
Reddit: u/gusselsprout or u/AugustKellerWrites
Blog: Basketblogga
Hello, I’m August Keller and I have loved movies all my life. Through the years, I have obsessed over many kinds of films and I have learned one very important thing about them all: whether it’s a big-budget blockbuster or a small indie-drama, the quality of a film can be measured by the level of respect it shows its audience. My intention here, as a reviewer, is to produce honest reflections of each film I see with that measure of respect in mind. To me, every movie is an intimate experience and I am here to help point out the experiences that take our intimacy seriously. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy our work.

Chris Nelson
Hello my name is Chris. I would say that I tend to enjoy more unique movies and will generally give higher scores for them. I’m probably not the best person to ask an opinion of a major blockbuster but at the same time I give credit where credit is due. I might be more of a technical reviewer but at the same time I have no experience in the film industry so take my reviews with a grain of salt.
Favorite: Sci-Fi
Least Favorite: Horror

Lionel Morales
Hey all, my name Lionel and I’m happy to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on movies with strangers on the internet! I’ve lived in NYC my whole life but hope to move out to the west coast soon. I’ve loved movies as long as I can remember, something instilled in me by my father who took me to theaters since I was a baby. I watch all kinds of movies; sometimes watching seriously to do a deep dive into it or just watching something for fun and enjoyment. There are certain actors/directors I’m biased towards, whether positively or negatively, so you can expect some of my reviews to go against the grain. Things I love and can talk about at length = movies/tv, baseball/football, live music and festivals, NYC politics, food, pizza, philosophy of science and mind, video games, elephants, anime, and cold drinks. Things I hate = humidity, rain, snow, any type of precipitation really, parades, NYC politics, allergies, hot drinks, when you’re driving and your phone falls in that little gap next to your seat and is gone forever, and writing bios about myself.

Pavel Dekhman
Hey my name is Pavel, currently reside in Detroit, MI but originally from NYC. My taste in movies is the same with food, ill try anything once! To me, a good movie is anything that inspires you, offers you a new perspective, or moves you in a particular way. I am fairly genre agnostic, but don’t expect too many horror films with my name on them . Looking forward to sharing my thoughts!

Daniel Belisle
What’s up guys. I’ve always been a book lover before a movie lover so the main thing I’m looking for when I watch a movie is a well told story. I look for characters making decisions that make sense with believable consequences resulting from their actions. While I look for continuity and believability in movies, I recognize some exceptions need to be made to properly tell the story. I enjoy all genres but I typically gravitate toward horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Lina Von Doom
Instagram: linavondoom
Hi all, let’s get this awkward introduction out of the way. My name is Lina and I’m BIG on pop culture. I spend a lot of my time at conventions and day dreaming about being at conventions. I’m here to share my opinion on films (because honestly my family and friends are tired of hearing it). I’m extremely eclectic and a lover of all genres. What I look for in a great film is a captivating story that keeps me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Well that, and pretty much everything Studio Ghibli puts out. In all seriousness though, I enjoy foreign films, dramas, animes, comedies, and everything in between. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out my bio, and I’m looking forward to embark on this journey with you all! Xoxo, peace love and wubba lubba dub dub!

Kris Baron

Remo Colindres

Matt Miller
For me I would say that I’m a more character driven enthusiast. I’m not big on special effects or huge summer blockbusters more about how a movie can make me emotionally affected by the actions the characters take and the pressure and stress they take on throughout the film.

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