August Keller


Johnny Knoxville may still be taking lumps for laughs but it is his audience that will be feeling the pain after Action Point. Crude humor can be a fun experience but when the craft of the movie itself feels juvenile, it alienates its audience. The story is plain, many scenes aren’t earned and much of the acting is half-assed. I find it telling that Eleanor Cox (merely 16 years old) was the only cast member consistently doing her job. Action Point is so sloppy, it’s unprofessional.

Essentially, the direction and editing of Action Point are non-existent as the film aimlessly jumps across loosely-connected situations. Many scenes are blatantly pointless but that really could be said of Action Point overall. In the end, this movie might be good for some grins & nostalgia here & there, but it comes with an insulting lack of preparation. Skip Action Point because it doesn’t respect your time.

Writing: 1/10
Direction: 1/10
Cinematography: 2/10
Acting: 2/10
Editing: 2/10
Sound: 5/10
Score/Soundtrack: 6/10
Production Design: 5/10
Casting: 2/10
Effects: 6/10

Overall Score: 3.2/10

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