August Keller


Shallow characters in deep waters, Adrift is lost at sea. Centered around uninteresting people and their uninteresting relationship, this movie gets its audience from start to finish with the suspense of drying paint. To be fair, there are parts of Adrift that are surprisingly refreshing: an interesting plot development, a quality closing shot (pre-unnecessary epilogue) and immersive sound throughout the scenes on water. However, these refreshing moments are like islands dotting a vast ocean of mediocre romance.

Fundamental aspects of Adrift (such as dialogue and editing) are conducted in such obtuse and formulaic fashions that the film is doomed to be forgettable. Because its emotional connections never truly hit its viewers, the direction of Adrift lands somewhere between clumsy and inept. The sequence of scenes is arbitrary, the relationships are underdeveloped, and the clashing special effects undercut the tension. Adrift does make occasionally good efforts but, overall, it’s washed up.

Writing: 4/10
Direction: 2/10
Cinematography: 5/10
Acting: 5/10
Editing: 2/10
Sound: 7/10
Score/Soundtrack: 5/10
Production Design: 4/10
Casting: 5/10
Effects: 3/10

Overall Score: 4.4/10


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