August Keller


It is rare for a film to be as moving as The Rider. Taking place in the smallest of settings while being unveiled as the slowest of paces, a heartfelt story is told with the upmost care. While the core plot of The Rider is an old one, the precision with which this film is crafted elevates the experience to a level of relatability and immersion that few motion pictures achieve. From top-notch casting to seamless editing, this is a movie done right.

The direction, sound and acting of The Rider will garner praise for their elite qualities but it is the cinematography of this film that is the real gem. Whether it’s the extended takes of genuine, emotional interactions between living creatures or the deeply cinematic sequences of horse-riding through the sunset, the camerawork of The Rider is undeniable. There is much to love about The Rider and it is because of this diversity in its strengths that the film truly succeeds in a real way. If The Rider doesn’t make you feel something, nothing will.


Writing: 7/10
Direction: 9/10
Cinematography: 10/10
Acting: 9/10
Editing: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
Score/Soundtrack: 9/10
Production Design: 7/10
Casting: 10/10

Effects: 7/10

Overall Score: 8.5/10