August Keller


Equipped with an interesting setting and likable lead characters, Pacific Rim: Uprising is the epitome of wasted potential. Copping out at every turn and displaying a complete lack of trust in its audience, the script to this sequel immediately devolves into spelling out everything that its viewers need to know (either through blunt voiceovers or on-the-nose dialogue). This sets the tone for the entire movie as we’re exposed to every cliché in the book (an exhausted plot line and flat supporting characters) as well as inattentive techniques (negligent pacing, transitions and effects). There may be some thrilling fights and the cool monsters but the entire ride rings hollow all the way through.

While the design and potential of Pacific Rim: Uprising may have many wanting to give it a shot, its void of substance limits the film  to only the shallowest of successes. In the vain of Transformers or the Fast & Furious franchise, this film has oodles of popcorn appeal and a major absence of craft or distinction. Pacific Rim: Uprising is fun at times but, just like its over-indulgent action sequences, the film is wholly unoriginal and bordering on insulting.

Writing: 4/10
Direction: 4/10
Cinematography: 4/10
Acting: 4/10
Editing: 4/10
Sound: 6/10
Score/Soundtrack: 5/10
Production Design: 7/10
Casting: 6/10

Effects: 7/10

Overall Score: 5.1/10